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Gapsquare are helping companies re-engineer the workplace building equality and fair pay into everything they do using intuitive data analysis. 

As leading providers of fair pay, gender pay and pay transparency software, our intuitive app streamlines employers’ efforts to build diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Through Gapsquare, clients are also able to rapidly produce government compliant reports around the pay gap & realign policy intelligently.

The Gapsquare team is made up of data, tech and AI experts and experienced equality & diversity practitioners who can support you with any particular issues facing you in building a fairer more equal workplace.


"Gapsquare has done an amazing job of supporting us with our gender pay gap analysis and reporting. Their software has allowed us to feel confident about the actual calculations, as well as enabling us to break down our data to better understand the reasons for the gap."

Jane Corbett, Head of HR Operations, Conde Nast