Gapsquare FairPay®: Online Demo for UK Companies

See our software in action based on UK company requirements or arrange a more tailored demonstration with our team.

Want to see what Gapsquare FairPay® is capable of for UK Gender Pay Gap Regulations specifically?

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From outside the UK or interested in a more expansive/tailored demo?

Gapsquare works on a range of data & insight packages including:

  • Gender Pay Gap Analysis (UK regulations)
  • Verify GPG - Guaranteeing your UK pay gap data is correct 
  • Gender Pay Gap Analysis (Non UK regulations or outside of regulations)
  • Generating Pay Transparency / Pay Equity Narrative
  • Ethnicity Pay Gap Analysis
  • Equal Pay or Equal Pay Audits
  • Pay Review Monitoring
  • Legal Sector Partner Pay Reporting
  • Deep Diving into Wider Data & Wider / Other Pay Gap Analysis
  • LGBTQIA+ pay gap analysis
  • Evaluating Work Culture
  • Evaluating Pay Culture
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