Driving Change Post Gender Pay Regulations

Spotlight on the Legal Sector

In 2018, gender pay gap reporting regulations saw 10,633 employers make their first reports about the gender pay gap public.
The legislation requires employers with over 250 employees report on the mean and median gender pay gap and bonus gap, as well as the workforce composition organised by quartiles.
Following these reports, Gapsquare has put the spotlight on the gender pay gap in law firms, undertaking a review of the Top 25 law firms and identified some key trends that are emerging in the post Gender Pay Gap Reporting (GPGR) landscape.

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This briefing document was written in collaboration with industry experts and Gapsquare's data analysis team and covers key emerging trends within the sector, as well as key action points in moving forward.

If you would like to be ahead of the game in tackling lack of diversity in the legal profession, take a look at our briefing document and take action.